Breast Lift New Jersey

Reasons For Breast Lift

A breast lift is an ideal way to restore a youthful figure to the breasts. There are several reasons, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, weight changes, and heredity, which can cause a woman’s breasts to change over time. Unfortunately, this leads to sagging and loss of firmness that can also cause poor self confidence. The clinical term for sagging breasts is known as breast ptosis. One of Dr. Parakh’s primary goals is for every woman to be confident in her own skin. Dr. Parakh is an expert in the cosmetic surgery field offering patients a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures such as a breast lift.

What Is A Breast Lift?

A breast lift is performed by a cosmetic surgeon to create firmer and perkier breasts that are more aesthetically satisfying than sagging breasts. Those who undergo a breast lift will also find swimsuit tops and bras are more comfortable than before the procedure was performed. Dr. Parakh transforms sagging breast by removing the excess and stretched skin, positioning and raising the nipple and areolae, and shaping the breast tissue into a more appealing shape. Furthermore, areolae that is excessively large or stretched can also be reduced during a breast lift procedure. The breasts are supported by skin and ligaments, which bind the breast to the muscle underneath. Although breast ligaments are not able to be repaired, Dr. Parakh can successfully restore breast to a perky shape by focusing on removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue.

How Can A Breast Lift Help You?

There are many women who are not pleased with the shape of their breasts, which is due to sagging. Unfortunately, this is a natural process that comes with aging. The loss of tissue in the upper part of the breast can cause breasts to have a scooped out shape. There are also women who want their breasts to get back to the same shape they were when they were younger. A breast lift can help women with extremely enlarged areolas, asymmetrical breasts, nipples that point downward, and drooping. Stretch marks are another common condition that comes with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight gain. A breast lift can remove some of the stretch marks on the breast because some of the excess skin will be removed during the procedure.

Are You A Good Candidate For A Breast Lift?

Although each individual is different, there are certain factors that will indicate if a woman is a good candidate for a breast lift. In most cases, Dr. Parakh’s has found most of her patients wanting a breast lift have been ideal candidates for the procedure. Although a breast lift is an extremely safe procedure, there are several factors Dr. Parakh wants her patients to consider before having a breast lift. Those who want to undergo a breast lift should have good overall physical health, and they should also be able to maintain a stable weight. Dr. Parakh also recommends that those who undergo the procedure do not smoke. Women who are concerned about sagging breasts, which have lost shape and volume, are also ideal candidates for the procedure. Women who have one breast that is positioned lower than the other breast are also good candidates for breast implants. Women should also be finished having children and breastfeeding. For women who are still planning on having children, Dr. Parakh may recommended they wait to have the procedure performed until after they have finished having children and breastfeeding.

Real Patient Story

Testimonial featured on RealSelf
“Words cannot express how grateful I am of Dr. Parakh. I was so glad that I was introduced to her. She made Me feel very comfortable and never pushed me to get something that I didn’t want. She was always very honest and caring. I wanted a natural breast lift and she gave me my confident back. I am 100 percent more confortable in my own body.” ~ frw13

What Is A Breast Consultation Like?

After you schedule the initial consultation with Dr. Parakh, it is normal to feel excitement or nervousness. The purpose of the consultation is for patients to express any concerns they may have about a breast lift, and it is also the time for patients to ask Dr. Parakh any questions they may have about the procedure. Patients may bring photographs of their desired goals to show Dr. Parakh, but this is not a requirement for the initial consultation. It is also important to share any prior health issues and current medical conditions with Dr. Parakh during the consultation. Dr. Parakh will then do a brief exam of the patient’s breasts and discuss the best approach for the procedure.

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