What is Blepharoplasty?

Drooping, wrinkled skin around the eyes is usually the first sign of facial aging, and can make you appear tired even when you’re not. This is a common source of concern for many men and women. Fortunately, there’s a surgery that can resolve this aesthetic issue. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids individually, but is more commonly performed on both for complete eye rejuvenation.

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Why Patients Love Eyelid Surgery

  • Reduces sagging and puffy eyelid skin
  • Can improve impaired vision that is due to hanging eyelid skin
  • Smooths fine wrinkles around the eyes
  • Decreases bags and bulges underneath the eyes
  • Corrects lower eyelids that are being “pulled down”
  • Delivers a more alert, bright, youthful appearance
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Blepharoplasty: Both a Cosmetic and Medical Procedure

With the above cosmetic benefits in mind, there are also many medical benefits to blepharoplasty in New Jersey as well. This procedure can improve vision that’s being impaired by loose, droopy skin. Sometimes this extra skin makes it difficult to wear contacts or glasses. Some patients also experience irritation from their eyelid skin rubbing together. This can lead to forehead discomfort, because the body’s natural response is to try and hold the eyebrows higher.

Eyelid Surgery Details: What Happens During the Procedure?

Upper Blepharoplasty

Upper blepharoplasty is a simple procedure that can be completed with minimal discomfort. Contrary to the name “eyelid lift”, the eyelid isn’t actually lifted during the procedure. Instead, skin and fat are removed from the eyelid and sometimes deposited in other areas of need. A thin stitch is then added to hide the scarring and create the appearance of an eyelid crease.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Just like the upper blepharoplasty, the lower eyelid procedure is a fairly straightforward procedure. Thanks to medical advances and Dr. Parakh’s expertise, there are no scars left over after removing fat pockets. The fat is simply removed from the inside out and is sometimes injected into other areas around the eye if needed. If the patient is older or has excess skin, besides removing the fat, laser resurfacing or deep chemical peel is performed on the loose, baggy eyelid skin. Most women notice their fine lines and wrinkles were dramatically improved after the laser resurfacing.

If Dr. Parakh decides you are a candidate for both upper and lower blepharoplasty, the two procedures can be done at the same time. Most patients prefer to get it done all at once.

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Do only older people get eyelid surgery?

Can eyelid surgery reduce crow’s feet?

Do I need upper or lower blepharoplasty?

Do only older people get eyelid surgery?

Not at all! Puffy eyes and exaggerated fat pockets are often genetically linked. Due to this, many patients in their 30s undergo a lower blepharoplasty in order to remove those fat pockets. The procedure rarely needs to be repeated, so there is no real reason to wait until you’re older.

Can eyelid surgery reduce crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet are the “crinkles” that appear at the corners of the eyes when you laugh or smile. While eyelid surgery can remove the excess skin and under-eye bags that are contributing to the appearance of crow’s feet, it’s not the ideal option for correcting that specific issue. If your main concern is crow’s feet, Dr. Parakh can recommend different procedures to address them, such as BOTOX®.

Do I need upper or lower blepharoplasty?

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Parakh will examine your eyes and decide which procedure would be most beneficial to you. If the main issue is loose skin on the upper eyelid, an upper blepharoplasty will likely be needed. In extreme cases, the skin will fold down and rest against the eyelashes, causing discomfort. Sometimes it can even impair the field of vision and cause other health problems. A lower blepharoplasty would be performed in cases where there are fat pockets or bulges on the lower eyelid. This is usually genetically linked and often makes the eye appear overly tired and swollen.

The Recovery Process

Upper and lower blepharoplasty are both almost entirely painless after the operation. Following an eyelid surgery in New Jersey, most patients are back to work, fully recovered, after several days to one week. Exercise can typically be resumed in three weeks.

Bruising and swelling will go down after the first day or two. Dissolving stitches are used for the upper blepharoplasty, so those will be gone after a week. No need to worry about getting them removed.

Some patients experience temporary light sensitivity, tightness, discomfort, redness, tiredness of the eyes, and excess teariness or dryness. You will not be able to wear contact lenses for two weeks following surgery.

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Simulation of Face Procedures that Dr. Parakh Offers

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Who Makes the Best Eyelid Surgery Candidate?

Dr. Parakh is located in Englewood, NJ and proudly performs eyelid surgery in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

If you’re considering eyelid surgery with her, you may be an excellent candidate. Those who make the best patients for eyelid surgery are individuals who:

  • Have puffy, excess skin on the upper or lower eyelids 
  • Have lax skin of the eyelids
  • Feel that their eyes have a permanently angry or tired-looking expression
  • Do not have any pre-existing eye conditions or diseases 
  • Do not have an overactive thyroid 
  • Are non-smokers in overall good health
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Why Choose Dr. Parakh for your eyelid surgery?

Based in Englewood, NJ, Dr. Shwetambara Parakh provides patients with a happy, warm, friendly, and professional environment where they can be heard and well taken care of. Not only is she a double board-certified surgeon in ABPS and general surgery; she has also been awarded a five-star distinction by RealSelf, is a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons, is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

She provides state-of-the-art, personalized care and naturalistic, effective enhancement. If you’re in the New Jersey area or anywhere else and you’re considering an eye lift, come visit Dr. Parakh. She understands the desire to be proud of your appearance, and she loves to help men and women become their most confident and happy selves, by providing the best blepharoplasty New Jersey has to offer. 

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