Chin Augmentation

What Is Chin Enhancement

When you’re looking to balance out your facial features and maximize your profile, chin enhancement can be a great choice. The size of the chin can influence perceptions of nose size and dramatically change a client’s facial profile.

A great silhouette and beautiful facial balance can help to improve self-esteem and comfort in your own skin. Whether you’ve always wanted a certain profile or if you’re addressing the changes that come with age, Dr. Parakh’s chin augmentation procedures can give you the profile you want.

Chin augmentation is a highly personalized procedure designed to achieve the facial contours you desire. It can be performed on its own or together with other cosmetic procedures like liposuction or rhinoplasty. This procedure has been successfully performed for decades, and Dr. Parakh takes an approach with the latest in cosmetic technologies to help achieve your ideal facial image.

We use an anatomic implant that contours precisely to the jawbone for ultimate comfort and a natural look and feel. After only a few weeks, most people are entirely unaware of the presence of the implant. Recovery can often be quick, with socializing possible in a matter of days after the procedure.

What Can Chin Augmentation Do For You?

A chin augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure can make your facial appearance and profile more symmetrical. Changing the appearance of one’s chin can dramatically change the visual aspect of the face. Dr. Parakh can provide you with computer imaging that will show you precisely how you will appear following the procedure.

This surgical procedure can add volume to the chin of a client who feels she has a “weak chin,” especially in comparison to other facial features. A good candidate for chin augmentation would have facial bones that have reached physical maturity and have no major medical conditions. A chin augmentation can help you to achieve the profile you’ve always wanted, uniquely tailored to your face.

What Can You Learn During A Chin Augmentation Consultation?

When you meet with Dr. Parakh to discuss the possibility of a chin augmentation procedure, you can go over the reasons you are interested in pursuing this procedure and your desired outcome. Whether you are excited or curious or even nervous, Dr. Parakh can help you to think about your goals and desires.

Dr. Parakh can go over realistic outcomes and provide you with clear and detailed computer imaging that can demonstrate possibilities for this procedure. This imaging will be based on your unique facial dimensions and shape. Dr. Parakh can make recommendations about the type, size and placement of a chin implant and provide you with visual examples of the outcomes based on your own facial photos. Dr. Parakh will also provide an overview of recovery, risks and expectations during the procedure and recovery period.

You can put a plan in place at your consultation for your chin augmentation and even schedule the date of your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Augmentation

You may have a number of questions about chin augmention. Many of them can be answered in further detail by Dr. Parakh at a consultation. But here are just a few answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help provide some more details.
In general, chin implants are made of a soft, flexible material like solid silicone, inserted through a small incision below your chin. This material is designed to be biocompatible, so your body will adapt naturally to the presence of the implant.
Chin augmentation is performed under a light sedation twilight anesthesia along with local anesthesia. It can be performed along with other cosmetic procedures as well to provide facial balance. The procedure itself takes one to two hours and the incisions will be placed inconspicuously to prevent scarring or visible signs of the procedure.
The procedure provides immediate results. For about one week after your surgery, local swelling and bruising will be visible in the chin area but should resolve after that time. Most people who receive a chin augmentation procedure can return to work after a week. It’s best to avoid strenuous activity and physical exercise for about three weeks after the procedure, but social events and work should be possible within days.
For the convenience of her patients, Dr. Parakh is professionally affiliated with Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, NJ and HUMC Pascack Valley Hospital in Westwood, NJ. Dr. Parakh holds private consultations and performs procedures daily for her patients across the United States and internationally. We invite you to call our office to schedule your initial consultation about a chin augmentation procedure with Dr. Parakh.

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