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Thigh Lift

What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to tighten and improve the feel and the appearance of inner thighs and upper leg area. If you’re looking for improved tone and contour in your thighs, a thigh lift may be an option for your consideration. The procedure can help to boost your confidence and pride in your appearance, especially when wearing shorts, skirts or body-conscious clothing.Dr. Parakh’s thigh lift procedure helps to remove loose skin and excess fat from your thighs. The procedure is designed uniquely for your body to refine and contour the shape and size of your thighs. For many clients who have enjoyed significant weight loss, loose thigh skin can remain long after. This can be the cause of a loss of confidence or body image concerns and prevent you from wearing the clothing that shows off your new body.

Dr. Parakh understands how important your self-confidence and body image can be when you present yourself to the world. When you make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Parakh, you can learn more about how a thigh lift can help you achieve your vision for your body.

What Can a Thigh Lift Do for You?

Achieving your weight loss goals can take a great deal of work over many years. However, even after losing the weight, you can struggle with loose skin left behind after. This loose skin can be especially prominent in the thigh area. It can make it difficult to find pants or pencil skirts that fit your waist, hips and thighs.A thigh lift can also help to address sagging or excess fat that develops in the upper legs over time and with age. If you’re generally comfortable with your weight and body size and shape but want to change the appearance of your thighs, this procedure could be a good choice for you.

A thigh lift can be very effective in reducing the appearance of aging on your body. While removing excess fat and skin, a thigh lift can also improve the shape of the underlying tissue supporting your thigh, restoring a smooth contour to your overall appearance. The procedure is a great choice for people of any age who are healthy and not planning on future serious weight loss.

What Can You Learn During a Thigh Lift Consultation?

Dr. Parakh will discuss your reasons for seeking the procedure and your goals for your body and self-image. Whether you’re dealing with concerns and nervousness or eagerly anticipating the procedure, Dr. Parakh can provide reliable, accurate information to help you see how a thigh lift can help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Parakh will present potential outcomes for a thigh lift, making use of advanced computer imaging techniques to show your appearance following the procedure. Dr. Parakh will make specific recommendations for the procedure, providing example outcomes for similarly situated clients. Your consultation will also include a complete overview of expectations, risks and recovery guidelines for the procedure.

While attending your consultation with Dr. Parakh, you can make a plan for your thigh lift procedure and even schedule your procedure at a future date.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Thigh Lift Procedure

Here are some of the most commonly asked patient questions to help you prepare for your consultation.

How long do the results of a thigh lift last?
The overall results of a thigh lift procedure with Dr. Parakh are long-lasting, as long as you maintain a relatively stable weight. As you age, it is natural for your thighs to lose some firmness. However, the thigh lift is a permanent procedure that will provide real change to the contour and shape of your thighs.
Can I have other procedures done at the same time as a thigh lift
Patients commonly request combining body contouring procedures to allow one surgical and one recovery process. This can be safely done with several other procedures, you may want liposuction of a different part, a breast procedure or even a facial procedure. Discuss you goals for body contouring with Dr. Parakh and she will help you develop a plan that’s right for you
What is the recovery period like after a thigh lift?
Following the procedure, you will experience some bruising and swelling in the affected areas. You are likely to experience some pain or discomfort, which can be well controlled with medication. If thigh lift is the only procedure you are having, then you can go after home after surgery. If combined with other procedures, you may want to stay overnight at the surgery facility. It is important to start walking after your procedure, you can start driving once you are off narcotic pain medications. Most patients return to work in one to three weeks. You should avoid strenuous or arduous activity, including exercise, for few weeks.

Request a Consultation with Dr. Parakh

Dr. Parakh is professionally affiliated with both Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, NJ and HUMC Pascack Valley Hospital in Westwood, NJ for the convenience of her patients. She performs procedures and holds daily consultations for her patients, who travel from across the United States and internationally for her procedures. Please call our office to schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Parakh for a thigh lift consultation.

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I had my mommy makeover (tummy tuck with lipo of flanks & breast lift) in May of 2017. I’m 3 months post op and I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My review is on real self for anyone who wants more info or photos. From the beginning Dr. Parakh was patient, knowledgeable, understanding & accommodating. My surgery was 8 hours and I spent one night at Hackensack Hospital. Dr. Parakh came to the hospital to see me the next morning and has always been available (even by personal text) to answer any questions and concerns I have had. Everything went really smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with my results! If you are considering a mommy makeover or any surgery go see Dr. Parakh. This is a truly life changing experience and she’s the best one to take the journey with! I feel 21 again 🙂 ~S.S.

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