What Is Breast Asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry is medically defined as a difference in size between one breast and the other. This size difference can vary from slight to more substantial. In one study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as many as 88% of women who request breast augmentation initially report breast asymmetry as a reason.

How Breast Asymmetry Is Corrected

The procedure to correct breast asymmetry is a highly individualized one. No two women are exactly alike in terms of the degree and nature of breast asymmetry. Sometimes the asymmetry can be corrected with a breast lift combined with either a breast augmentation or breast reduction to one breast. Other times, a patient may opt for a breast lift combined with a reduction or augmentation to both breasts. Dr. Parakh will explain which procedures are best for you during your initial consultation.

What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

To date, physicians have not isolated one single underlying factor that causes breast asymmetry. Rather, this difference in size between one breast and the other can arise for multiple reasons.

Researchers point to hormonal changes, puberty, chest trauma, genetics, tuberous breasts and the occasional rare incidence of fibroids in the breast tissue as common triggers for breast asymmetry.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Your one-on-one breast asymmetry consultation will take place at Dr. Parakh’s state-of-the-art Englewood, NJ office. During your consultation, you will share your goals for the surgery with Dr. Parakh. You are welcome to bring in photos, although this is not required. Dr. Parakh will conduct a physical exam and take some “before” photos. She may make some notes on these photos to indicate what you discuss during the consultation.

Dr. Parakh will take a thorough individual and family medical history, including details about your current supplements and/or medications as applicable. It is during this meeting that you can ask all your questions and also find out how to prepare for your procedure. Before you leave Dr. Parakh’s office, you have the option to schedule the date for your procedure if desired.

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What Risks are Involved?

As with any surgery, there’s a slight risk of infection and bleeding. Other less common risks include poor wound healing, bleeding, and uneven results. If you’re concerned about any of these risks, we encourage you to discuss them with Dr. Parakh during your private consultation for surgical breast asymmetry in New Jersey.

Recovery From Breast Asymmetry Surgery

You may return to work as soon as you feel comfortable doing so—for most patients, this is one week after surgery. It’s normal to experience some level of discomfort following a breast asymmetry correction procedure. Dr. Parakh and her staff will make sure you receive prescriptions for pain medication to manage any temporary tenderness. For maximum healing and the best procedure results, we recommend that you avoid any strenuous physical exertion, including heavy lifting, for at least 6 weeks following your procedure.

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Anticipating Your Stunning Results

With VECTRA 3D imaging, you can preview your results right in the office, allowing you and Dr. Parakh to craft an excellent treatment plan.

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Who Makes The Best Breast Asymmetry Correction Candidate?

Dr. Parakh’s office is located in Englewood, NJ. While she proudly serves local patients in the New Jersey area, she also welcomes patients from all over the country and beyond. If you’re considering a breast asymmetry procedure with Dr. Parakh, you may be an ideal candidate, depending on certain factors.

You are likely a good candidate for a breast asymmetry correction procedure as long as you’re in good health and the following conditions do not apply to you. If any of these conditions currently apply, Dr. Parakh may recommend you postpone your breast asymmetry correction procedure until a later date:

  • You are currently trying to conceive, are pregnant now, or are still breastfeeding
  • You are taking any medication that may interfere/interact with anesthesia
  • You have been diagnosed with a serious health issue or an auto-immune condition
  • You have just started working towards a major weight reduction goal
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Why Choose Dr. Parakh?

Dr. Shwetambara Parakh is a skilled, double board-certified plastic surgeon who maintains an intimate, boutique surgical practice in the New Jersey and New York metro areas. For over a decade, she has delivered a patient-centered experience that is focused on ultimate comfort. You will never feel rushed in our caring environment. Instead, you will be fully educated on your procedure so that you know the risks, steps, and recovery involved. A personalized treatment plan will be created just for you based on your concerns and goals. 

Allow us to help you look and feel your best with naturalistic, effective enhancement tailored to your personal goals and lifestyle. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Parakh at our Englewood, NJ office, contact us online or give us a call at 201-567-1919.

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