What Is A Mommy Makeover?

Bringing a new life into the world is a life-changing experience that no words can fully describe. The beauty of a mama-to-be who glows with strength and love is singular in every country and culture. But sometimes, pregnancy and childbirth come with physical changes that seem to be irreversible. Areas that were firm no longer look the same.

There are new contours — and not always in welcome or expected areas.

For this reason, one of Dr. Parakh’s areas of special focus in the aesthetic plastic surgery field is a customized procedure known as the mommy makeover. This is her personal favorite surgery to perform.

Most moms will select a combination of procedures that can be performed during one session. This combination approach is what has made the mommy makeover such a popular procedure in recent years, as the post-surgical recovery time can be greatly minimized. This permits moms to spend their time where their hearts are: with their precious babies!

The Mommy Makeover Procedure at Parakh Plastic Surgery with Dr. Parakh

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How a Mommy Makeover in New Jersey Can Help You

For many moms, the common issue we hear is this:

“I’m so proud to be a mom and so happy I’ve had this experience — but I just don’t feel like my body is my own anymore. It doesn’t look the same, and I don’t feel as confident. I wish I could be a mom and have my old body back, too.”

With a mommy makeover, you really can have both: your baby and your pre-baby body, too!

What Sets Dr. Parakh’s Mommy Makeover Apart?

Patients fly in from all over the country to see Dr. Parakh for a mommy makeover in New Jersey because she:

  • Is known for her tummy tuck procedures
  • Achieves an elegant-looking belly button
  • Achieves a slim, sculpted waist
  • Is a breast and body surgery expert
  • Is a female surgeon who understands the female body
  • Will listen attentively to you
  • Creates an individualized plan to meet your unique goals
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A Highly Customized Procedure

A mommy makeover is an individualized procedure that can be tailored to your specific post-pregnancy appearance goals. Just as no two pregnancy stories are ever alike, no two bodies ever react identically to the intensely physical process of becoming pregnant and bearing a child.

“I couldn’t be happier with my results! I had my mommy makeover (tummy tuck with lipo of flanks and breast lift) in May of 2017. I’m 3 months post-op and I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My review is on RealSelf for anyone who wants more info or photos. From the beginning, Dr. Parakh was patient, knowledgeable, understanding, and accommodating.

My surgery was 8 hours and I spent one night at Hackensack Hospital. Dr. Parakh came to the hospital to see me the next morning and has always been available (even by personal text) to answer any questions and concerns I have had. Everything went really smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with my results! If you are considering a mommy makeover or any surgery go see Dr. Parakh. This is a truly life-changing experience and she’s the best one to take the journey with! I feel 21 again.” — S.S.

Who Makes The Best Candidate For A Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Parakh is based in Englewood, NJ. While she proudly serves local patients in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area, she also welcomes patients from all over the country and beyond. If you’re considering a mommy makeover at Parakh Plastic Surgery, you may be an excellent candidate, depending on certain factors. Dr. Parakh has found that most moms who come to her seeking a mommy makeover procedure end up being very good candidates; however, there are also a few things you should think through carefully before committing to having this procedure, including:

Have you completed your family?

If you plan to have another child — and especially if you want to breastfeed your next child — it’s often advisable to wait to have your mommy makeover until after your family feels complete.

Are you close to your post-baby weight goals?

A mommy makeover is not a quick weight-loss method. Weight loss, like pregnancy, can cause your body’s contours to shift and change, sometimes in surprising ways. For this reason, it is best to schedule your mommy makeover after you are close to or at your goal weight.

Are you still breastfeeding?

Breast surgery is best performed at least 6 months after you have stopped breastfeeding. This is because we want all the changes that happen in the breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding to stabilize prior to surgically altering the breasts.

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Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

Before your mommy makeover, you’ll need to undergo a consultation with Dr. Parakh at her Englewood, NJ office, or this can be done virtually on our secure platform. This consultation is your time to share your post-baby body goals with Dr. Parakh and have all your questions answered. It’s fine to bring photographs to illustrate your goals, but this is not required.

It’s Dr. Parakh’s goal for you to feel comfortable with her and the practice. She practices active listening to fully understand your objectives. She will ask about any past health issues and any medications you currently take. She will also perform a brief exam of the area(s) being discussed to assess the best surgical approach.

In addition, she may take photographs to indicate your goals. By the end of your consultation, you’ll have a plan in place for your personalized mommy makeover. If you wish to proceed, you can schedule your procedure date.

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

At Dr. Parakh’s practice in Englewood, New Jersey, the price of a mommy makeover will vary from patient to patient. It can be anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000, depending on the exact procedures that a patient wants to have done.

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Mommy Makeover Procedure Details

Surgery is a one-time event for the surgeon but a lifetime event for the patient. A mommy makeover consists of combination of different procedures that are individualized to a patient’s needs. This can include a tummy tuck, breast augmentation/lift or breast reduction. Additional procedures that may enhance results include fat grafting (hips and buttocks), liposuction of the waist, back, thighs/arms, breast fat grafting, and liposuction of the axilla. Dr. Parakh uses Exparel®, a long acting (up to 72 hrs) local anesthetic, which helps significantly with discomfort.

Because each mommy makeover will be different, the specific details of your procedure will need to be discussed during your consultation. You can be certain that your mommy makeover will be performed with exceptional attention to detail, a high level of skill and artistry, and extensive expertise. Dr. Parakh is known for her mommy makeovers, and she delivers comprehensive contouring with meticulous precision. She never rushes. She takes her time to achieve outstanding results. Her focus is to get the very best result possible.

What Risks Are Involved In A Mommy Makeover?

As with any surgical procedure, there is always a slight risk of infection due to incisions. You will likely experience temporary swelling, bruising and pain. Other possible risks include poor wound healing, scarring, bleeding, asymmetry, poor scarring and deep vein thrombosis. Prior to surgery, patients are required to be medically optimized and cleared by their doctor.

In regard to breast implants specifically, risks include Breast Implant Illness, rupture, and capsular contracture, among others. To prevent this, Dr. Parakh encourages regular follow-ups. 

Dr. Parakh does everything in her power to minimize any complications. If any do arise, she will be with you every step to guide you through the healing process.

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Following a mommy makeover in New Jersey with Dr. Parakh, patients will stay in the hospital overnight and see Dr. Parakh the next day. You will also see her for a follow-up at one week, three weeks, six weeks, three months, six months, and one year. In most cases, mommy makeover patients feel ready to return to work anywhere from 7-14 days after surgery. You’ll need to wear a sports bra for six weeks and an abdominal garment for six weeks to three months. As swelling goes down, you can wear smaller garments. You will also need to have drains placed for approximately 7-10 days. You can expect some post-procedure discomfort, which can be readily managed with pain medications. You will receive prescriptions for pain relief that you should have filled before your procedure.

While short walks are encouraged around the house to help with circulation, it’s best to avoid any strenuous exercise for two weeks and any activities involving lifting heavy items (20 pounds and up) until six weeks post-procedure. Because of this, it’s important for moms with babies to ensure they schedule help during recovery. Dr. Parakh recommends manual lymph drainage massage to help reduce swelling, retention of fluids, and pain after a mommy makeover. It’s important for patients to know that breast implants appear to sit high on the chest wall at first, but they eventually settle over the course of a few weeks to months.

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Why Choose Dr. Parakh?

Dr. Parakh is committed to helping you achieve the result you desire and a mommy makeover is her favorite procedure to perform. She is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is also a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and The New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons, a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons, a RealSelf Top Doctor, a NewBeauty Top Beauty Doctor, and a Castle Connolly Top Doctor®. In addition, she has been named as one of Bergen County’s Top Doctors by Bergen magazine for several consecutive years.

Dr. Parakh says she loves the self-esteem this procedure gives her patients. They often say they wish they’d undergone a mommy makeover sooner and that the confidence it gives them is indescribable. Allow us to create the compelling results you deserve. We warmly welcome your call to schedule your mommy makeover with Dr. Parakh at her Englewood, NJ practice today.

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