What Is A Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a cosmetic surgery that removes unwanted pockets of fat and excess skin that persist around the stomach, no matter how much you may diet and exercise. The tummy tuck results in a more slender, youthful silhouette and enhanced self-esteem.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure at Parakh Plastic Surgery

Claudia's Tummy Tuck Testimonial at Parakh Plastic Surgery

What Can A Tummy Tuck Achieve?

Pregnancy and/or weight fluctuations can result in excess abdominal skin and fat, stretch marks, and weakened, separated abdominal muscles. An abdominoplasty can reverse these changes and create a sculpted and restored abdomen.

  • Removes loose, sagging skin in the midsection
  • Tightens remaining skin on the stomach
  • Removes fat deposits
  • Restores weakened or separated muscles 
  • Improves the appearance of a C-section scar 
  • Boosts self-image and confidence

Is Abdominoplasty Right For You?

Patients with loose abdominal skin complain that no matter how much they work out, they’re unable to contour the stomach. Unfortunately, the only way to rid the body of loose, excess skin is through surgical techniques such as abdominoplasty.

This procedure not only dramatically improves the body’s contours but also boosts self-confidence. Patients who have loose abdominal skin, extra fatty tissue, or lax abdominal muscles greatly benefit from a tummy tuck.

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“I am grateful to Dr. Parakh for the amazing results that I received in her hands. I am feeling great, and finally have the confidence to wear a bikini. I sincerely thank her for helping me. I believe that she is one of the best doctors in New Jersey.”


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What Is The Abdominoplasty Consultation Like?

Dr. Parakh routinely consults with patients all over the country for tummy tuck surgery. Your one-on-one tummy tuck consultation can be done virtually or in person at Dr. Parakh’s Englewood, NJ office. During this initial session, Dr. Parakh will take your medical history, listen to your concerns, and discuss your expectations for your results.

Dr. Parakh will go over what you should avoid before surgery, such as smoking, aspirin, herbal supplements, and birth control pills, which can interfere with blood clotting. She will also take photographs to compare the shape of your body before and after the surgery, and you will be measured for a support garment to wear during recovery.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

An abdominoplasty lasts between 3-5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Parakh can combine an abdominoplasty with liposuction of the love handles and waist to create shapely, balanced contours. A tummy tuck in New Jersey with Dr. Parakh can be performed as an outpatient procedure, with patients returning home the same day. There is also the option of staying at the hospital overnight.

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Recovery And Results After A Tummy Tuck

Drains are placed at the time of surgery and are typically removed one week later at your follow-up appointment. Compression garments are worn for 6 weeks.

Following a tummy tuck in New Jersey with Dr. Parakh, most patients can return to work after two weeks. A tummy tuck provides instant gratification in terms of removing redundant skin folds. However, the final results will not be apparent until six to twelve months post-op.

The overwhelming majority of Dr. Parakh’s patients are thrilled with their abdominoplasty outcomes, often reporting that their only regret is that they didn’t undergo surgery sooner. Confidence and quality of life are significantly increased.

The Three Basic Types Of Abdominoplasties

Traditional Abdominoplasty

During traditional (or “standard”) abdominoplasty, Dr. Parakh removes all excess skin and fat from the abdomen through a low transverse incision made below the bikini line. The length of the incision will depend on the degree of skin laxity. The belly button is detached from the skin, allowing complete re-draping of the abdominal skin. Separated muscles are tightened and sutured in place, creating a permanent “internal corset.” If there is a small hernia, it is repaired at the same time. This technique is the gold standard for the abdominoplasty procedure, as it provides complete correction and a “washboard” abdomen. As part of this technique, Dr. Parakh also performs liposuction of the flanks and waist region for comprehensive contouring.

Mini Abdominoplasty

With the mini abdominoplasty (“mini tummy tuck”) procedure, only a limited amount of abdominal skin and fat is removed from the area below the belly button. The navel is not detached, and the muscle above the belly button is not repaired. This procedure is ideal for patients who do not suffer from excess skin or fat above the belly button.

Vertical Abdominoplasty

The vertical abdominoplasty (fleur-de-lis or vertical tummy tuck”) procedure is reserved for patients who have undergone massive weight loss and therefore struggle with excess skin both vertically and horizontally. In addition to the low bikini line transverse scar, another incision is made that extends from below the breast midline to the pubic area. If a patient has excess skin extending to the back, they may require a lower body lift, in which a circumferential incision is made, and the entire torso is addressed.

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Who Makes The Best Abdominoplasty Candidate?

Dr. Parakh is located in Englewood, NJ, and proudly serves the surrounding New Jersey area. Because of her excellent reputation with the tummy tuck procedure, she sees patients from all over the world for this procedure. If you’re considering undergoing a tummy tuck with Dr. Parakh, you may be the perfect candidate, depending on several factors.

Ideal candidates for abdominoplasty are in good mental and physical health and are at stable weights. Tummy tuck patients include moms who struggle with weakened or separated abdominal muscles as well as those who have undergone massive weight loss and now suffer from excess, redundant skin folds.

Mothers who are considering abdominoplasty should postpone the procedure until they have completed their families. If you are currently a smoker, you will need to quit for at least four weeks before and after your tummy tuck surgery, as the nicotine interferes with healing.

Simulation of Body Procedures that Dr. Parakh Offers

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Why Choose Dr. Parakh?

Dr. Shwetambara Parakh is widely known for her exceptional tummy tuck procedures, as she delivers beautiful results based on personalized treatment plans with meticulous attention to detail. Dr. Parakh is double board-certified in plastic surgery and general surgery and has been in practice for over a decade. At her boutique practice, she upholds the highest standards for state-of-the-art care and an excellent patient experience focused on ultimate comfort. 

It was Dr. Parakh’s labor of love to create a private space where patients can feel relaxed and well taken care of. At Parakh Plastic Surgery, we believe that everyone should be able to look and feel their best. If you’re in the Englewood, NJ area, or anywhere else in the world, and you’d like to learn more about Dr. Parakh’s tummy tuck procedure, please contact our office today.

Patient Testimonials

If you're looking for a surgeon to snap your body back, Dr. Parakh is definitely the one.

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Dennaia Carter

Phenomenal surgeon, her work is amazing.

Phenomenal surgeon, her work is amazing. I had made a consult appointment with her in July of 21, because i saw a ticktock video from another patient an I love...

Michele Rivera

Dr. Parakh and her staff were incredibly helpful and comforting during my visit.

Dr. Parakh and her staff were incredibly helpful and comforting during my visit. There was constant checkup and my procedure was amazing and perfect. 3 years ag...

Nicole Grace

Her hands are freaking magic!

I flew in from Florida because I genuinely think Dr. Parakh is one of the top surgeons in the U.S. Her hands are freaking magic! It’s been 5 months since I’ve h...

Angelica Ayra-Soto

I'm so happy with the results after 4 C sections.

I recently had a mommy make over with Dr. Parakah. I'm so happy with the results after 4 C sections. I did my research with many surgeons, even with the best d...

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