Plastic Surgery For Men

Though they don’t talk about it as much, men do get cosmetic surgeries. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2016 a total of 1,651,910 men had cosmetic surgery.

Some of the surgeries are surprising. Nearly 1,153 had pectoral implants and 4,902 had a tummy tuck. Dr. Parakh understands that men want to look their best, just like women!

However, she also understands that men may want different things from cosmetic surgery. Take rhinoplasty, or the famed “nose job.” Generally, men want their noses to be bigger, wider and more prominent in proportion to the rest of their face than women do. They don’t mind if the new nose has a little bump, for it looks a bit more rugged. Women tend to want their noses to be straight. Dr. Parakh understands this.

Other cosmetic surgeries that are popular with men include:

Tummy Tuck

Like women, men develop spare tires and love handles as they age. Loose skin of the abdomen also commonly develops after losing significant amounts of weight. A tummy tuck makes the abdomen tighter, flatter and more attractive. It’s not a procedure to treat obesity, and the best candidate is a man who’s close to his ideal weight but whose abdomen just isn’t firming up no matter how hard he exercises. Abdominoplasty in a man takes between two and five hours and is an inpatient procedure.

Gynecomastia (Breast Reduction)

A surprising number of men have enlarged breasts, a condition called gynecomastia. In many men the condition begins at puberty because of imbalanced hormones, then goes away over time. When it doesn’t go away, some men opt for surgery, which removes fat, skin and glandular tissue and allows the return of a flat, “manly” chest.


As in a woman’s facelift, a man’s facelift removes excess fat and tissue and tightens the muscles for a more alert and youthful look. The one difference is Dr. Parakh needs to be especially careful as to where the incisions are placed. Men tend to wear their hair shorter than women, and it’s harder to hide scars.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries done for men. It not only resculpts a nose that the man finds embarrassingly large or prominent, but can help with breathing when deformed bone and cartilage are corrected. Some men combine rhinoplasty with chin implants or facelift.


The liposuction procedure for men is the same as that performed on women. It improves the appearance of love handles, enlarged breasts and other areas. More and more men are turning to liposuction to help define the features in their face, chin or neck.

Request A Consultation

Dr. Parakh knows that cosmetic surgery is also for men, and they should not be hesitant about asking for it. She is pleased to set up a consultation with a prospective patient. Call 201 890-5928

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Real Patient Story

Testimonial featured on RealSelf

“After losing about 110lbs and reaching my goal weight, I had loose skin that wasn’t going away without surgery. The excess skin hung over my waist line and prevented me from having any visible abdominal definition. Im a 28 year old male and did not require any muscle repair. I teach at university and have summers off so I decided to book the procedure for the beginning of august, and am glad I did because the recovery takes time! I spent THREE weeks doing very little (which was all I could do) and during a follow up found out that I had a hematoma that needed to be evacuated through another surgery. My surgeon took care of it the next day, but the second surgery did set my recovery back a few days.

My loose skin was a major insecurity of mine, so I have no regrets regarding the surgery. This is a major procedure however, and anyone having it should give themselves ample recovery time and make sure to stay with someone for the first few days as you will need help doing most things.” ~ kmc1988

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