When you’re looking to improve the contour of your neck and chin and melt away unwanted fat deposits below the chin, KYBELLA® treatment can make a real difference.

KYBELLA® is the first FDA-approved treatment to help eliminate an unwanted double chin. This naturally-occurring injectable treatment is a version of deoxycholic acid, which is found in all of our bodies and helps to break down and absorb fat. This non-human-derived, non-animal-derived treatment helps to dissolve fat and improve the overall appearance of the neck and chin area.

No matter your overall weight, small fat deposits in the area can continue to linger. Many people with toned bodies still struggle with unwanted fat deposits in the submental area. KYBELLA® treatment can help you appear younger and thinner.

This means that KYBELLA® can help to give you the silhouette that you desire, improving your confidence and comfort in your body. KYBELLA® treatment with Dr. Parakh can help to improve and even eliminate the appearance of a “double chin.” This non-surgical treatment is both effective and natural in appearance.

How Can KYBELLA® Help You?

KYBELLA® is applied like an injectable in a short treatment directly to the “double chin” or submental area. There, its unique composition helps the fat deposits in the area to melt away, giving you a slimmer and more contoured jawline and neck. Unlike traditional methods to treat excess fat in the area, no liposuction or surgical lift is necessary. Instead, KYBELLA® treatments start working right away to give you a leaner appearance.

KYBELLA® is a permanent solution to fat deposits under the chin and in the neck and jawline area. It is not an injectable or filler solution that will wear off with time; instead, the changes you experience with KYBELLA® treatment will be permanent.

This fast and efficient treatment can make a real change in your self-image. Many surveys have shown that this area of the body is one that many people feel a lack of confidence about, especially in photos. KYBELLA® is the first injectable treatment that helps you achieve the profile you desire.

How Does The Procedure Work?

KYBELLA® is composed of a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which occurs naturally and is produced inside the human digestive system to help break down and absorb dietary fat. It has been widely studied, with over 2,600 patients participating in over 20 clinical trials.

A series of quick KYBELLA® injections directly into the fatty area in the submental region can help to destroy the membranes of local fat cells. This is followed by the body’s natural process of healing. Within four to six weeks following KYBELLA® injections, the fat cells are often removed.

Many people have several KYBELLA® treatments for the best results. Dr. Parakh can advise you as to the best number of treatments to achieve your goals in the area. Once your series of treatments is complete, you will not need to receive KYBELLA® again, as the results are permanent.

Shwetambara Parakh, M.D.

Are You A Good Candidate For KYBELLA®?

KYBELLA® is a great choice for people who have firm skin below the chin with excess fatty deposits in the area. This treatment is designed to eliminate a “double chin” rather than loose skin. Because this often cannot be eliminated by diet or exercise, KYBELLA® is an innovative and welcome option to treat this type of fat. Over 79 percent of the patients who receive KYBELLA® treatments report satisfaction with their new profile as well as the visual and emotional effect of the change.

What Is A KYBELLA® Consultation Like?

When you first meet with Dr. Parakh, you may feel embarrassed or concerned about starting an injectable treatment. Dr. Parakh is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive qualifications and experience in the delivery of KYBELLA® treatments. Dr. Parakh can work with you to determine the best series of procedures to achieve the results you desire, including the number of KYBELLA® procedures to fully receive your desired aesthetic change.

Dr. Parakh will go over your goals for the appearance of your neck and chin area. You can bring photos with you to help highlight areas of concern. She will review your health history, medications you are taking and your priorities for a changed appearance to ensure that KYBELLA® is the right treatment for you. Dr. Parakh will also give an overview of the recovery period and risks associated with the treatment as well as expectations for the post-treatment period.

At your consultation, you can make an appointment to get started right away on your treatment plan with KYBELLA®.

Frequently Asked Questions About KYBELLA®

Dr. Parakh will work with you to create a customized treatment program. This will include the number of treatments that you need to achieve your desired profile. Visible results will usually occur most strongly after two to four KYBELLA® treatments. During each 20- to 30-minute KYBELLA® procedure, you will receive multiple injections into the fat under your chin. For maximum results and satisfaction, up to six sessions of KYBELLA® treatment, administered monthly, can be delivered. Once the treatment is completed, results are permanent and will not need to be repeated.

KYBELLA® has been FDA approved only for use on double chins.

Its formulation is designed to be effective on small, concentrated areas of fat, although research is proceeding into future areas of treatment for this effective formula.

When you’re having a KYBELLA® treatment, some people may find the injections painful. In this case, the area below your chin could be numbed with a topical anesthetic in order to improve your comfort. In general, pain and swelling decrease over ongoing treatments.

The most common side effects of KYBELLA® treatment are temporary swelling, bruising and discomfort. There is a possibility for more serious side effects like injuries to the jaw causing weakness in the area, but these are very rare. Most people simply describe the area feeling tender for a few hours following the procedure. KYBELLA® has been proven safe in many clinical trials with satisfied patients.

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